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Case Number Defendant Date
15CVF04250 AMANDA THOMAS 11/24/2015
Cavalry Spv I, Llc, Buyer Of vs Amanda Thomas
15CVF04165 ANDRAEH HEARD 11/24/2015
Midland Funding Llc Doing Business In Ohio As Midland Funding D E Llc vs Andraeh Hear...
Janet Roup vs Joshua Mullins And All Others, et al
15CVF04327 JESSICA FOLEY 11/24/2015
LVNV Funding LLC vs Jessica Foley
15CVF05195 BRENDA ALEXANDER 11/23/2015
Portfolio Recovery Associates, Llc vs Brenda Alexander
15CVF05199 LISA L HARRISON 11/23/2015
Cbcs vs Lisa L Harrison
15CVF05203 DONNA HUTTON 11/23/2015
Cbcs vs Donna Hutton
15CVF05207 HEATHER SARGENT 11/23/2015
Cbcs vs Heather Sargent
15CVI05194 KELLY HEATING AND AIR 11/23/2015
Wanda Lucas vs Kelly Heating and Air
15CVF05198 CHRISTINE HUPKE 11/23/2015
Cbcs vs Christine Hupke
15CVF05202 DANIEL JODREY 11/23/2015
Cbcs vs Daniel Jodrey
15CVF05206 JEFFREY STURGILL 11/23/2015
Cbcs vs Jeffrey Sturgill
15CVG05197 JANESE ANDERSON 11/23/2015
Roost Real Estate Co vs Janese Anderson
15CVF05201 CHERYL L KELLY 11/23/2015
Cbcs vs Cheryl L Kelly
15CVF05205 AMANDA M TINCH 11/23/2015
Cbcs vs Amanda M Tinch
15CVF05209 ANTHONY H PATTON 11/23/2015
Cbcs vs Anthony H Patton
15CVG05196 ERIC FRAZIER 11/23/2015
Thoma Real Estate Holdings, LLC vs Eric Frazier
15CVF05200 MARK A FROST 11/23/2015
Cbcs vs Mark A Frost
15CVF05204 CONNIE S WILSON 11/23/2015
Cbcs vs Connie S Wilson

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